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Meet the Crew

Derek Earnst, Owner & Professional Contractor

Derek has 12+ years of experience in residential and commercial plumbing and 10+ years in residential construction. Derek started as a plumbing apprentice after completing high school, where he grew in the plumbing field, worked for a small local construction company, and then Spring of 2019, decided to open his own business! Derek not only uses his skills and expertise in all areas of construction on site, but he also is in constant communication with our customers on design, selection of materials, and ensuring every detail is executed to completion with precision and accuracy! Derek and Ben go way back to one of their first endeavors in the construction field and always worked well together. They are like-minded and Derek wouldn’t have anyone else as his “right-hand” man.  Derek is Schluter certified and enjoys seeing the projects through from beginning design to final completion.

Derek enjoys spending time with his family, watching football, going out on dinner dates with his wife, and spending time outside.

Allison Earnst, Co-Owner & Business Manager

Allison earned a Bachelor of Communication Sciences degree with Summa Cum Laude Honors from West Virginia University. She has worked for their local government in both community development and administration for the past 5 years and last year decided to work full time alongside her husband, Derek with Cornerstone Remodeling and growing their family. She also serves on South Middleton Township’s Zoning Hearing Board.

She coordinates all business operations, manages payroll and finances, and makes sure everything runs smoothly. Allison also takes the final photos of the projects and loves seeing every detail come together.

Allison enjoys spending quality time with her family, hosting gatherings with friends, and when she's not working and playing with her kids, you can find her cooking something yummy in the kitchen!

Benjamin Reisinger, Professional Contractor

Benjamin has 8+ years of experience years in residential construction and comes from a long line of carpenters dating back to his great grandfather, Ernest Reisinger, who founded Reisinger Brothers. He started in 2013 doing side jobs on residential projects for family and friends while attending college. He graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Forestry. His passion for construction took off when he began his Carpenters Apprenticeship in 2015 which led him to start work with Cornerstone. Benjamin is Schluter certified. He specializes in tile installation, drywall, electrical, and framing. He is creative in problem-solving and pays close attention to detail. He continues to research, seek out knowledge, and perfect his skills in order to make your dream house a reality. Benjamin works closely with Derek by planning, developing, creating, and offering solutions to best serve the needs of the customers.

Benjamin resides in Boiling Springs with his wife, Brandee, and his three children Laurel, Azalea, and Waylon. He loves spending time with his family and enjoys the outdoors. He loves woodworking, gardening, hunting, and fishing.

Josiah Reisinger, Contractor

Josiah has been working for Cornerstone and apprenticing under his brother, Ben Reisinger. Josiah has an associate's degree in Computer Networking and attended college at HACC. He worked for his family business when he was in high school and then later worked in landscaping and snow removal during college. He always has a great work ethic and a positive attitude. Since graduating, he has found new passions in learning the trades and skills in Carpentry.  He has been a great asset to the company and will continue to perfect his skills through working with his big brother, Ben, and boss, Derek. Josiah enjoys fly fishing and spending time with his nieces and nephew in his downtime. 

Allison Stine, Bookkeeper & Billing Specialist

Allison earned a Bachelor of Science in Life Science from Penn State University and a Masters of Science in Community Counseling from Shippensburg University, after which time she had the privilege of staying home to raise her two children. During 9 of those years she co-owned a small, local construction company, where she was primarily responsible for coordinating administrative responsibilities. Currently, Allison is beginning her 5th year as the Administrative Assistant at a local private Christian school but continues to stay connected to the residential construction industry, assisting the Earnsts through her previous experience in the field. She assists part-time with bookkeeping, invoicing, and provides other administrative support as needed.

Allison enjoys hanging out with her teenage son, playing with her chocolate labradoodle, Gus, and loves any time she can get together with family and friends!




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